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About Archbishop Temple Multi Academy Trust

Vision and Values

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Archbishop Temple Multi Academy Trust is committed to improving the life chances of all children. We aim to develop a family of outstanding academies where world-class leaders and teachers put children at the heart of all they do.

Values and Ethos

Archbishop Temple Multi Academy Trust is founded in the values of Faith, Hope, Love, Trust and Service firmly rooted in the Christian faith.

The Trust has been established within the Diocese of Manchester. Our Trust is working to support all of its member academies and to develop the culture of mutual support and development. In the Diocesan context each school remains part of the broader family of schools. The commitment to developing a high quality curriculum, delivered by highly trained staff, quality first teaching and sharing expertise is at the heart of the Trust's vision and development.

Aims & Objectives

1. To enable autonomous outstanding academies within the Trust framework. We will achieve this by:

  • ensuring rapid progress to outstanding for all academies

  • retaining and developing Christian distinctiveness and character of each academy

  • welcoming all schools into the Trust and securing excellent outcomes for all schools

  • providing stability and strength in governance and leadership

  • encouraging innovation and sound decision making

  • building cpacity and resilience

2. To be recognised as a Trust with outstanding learning opportunities. Wed will achieve this by:

  • raising aspirations to secure high levels of academic achievement

  • providing a wide range of memorable learning opportunities

  • ensuring equality of opportunity within a safe nuturing environment

3. To maintain and develop rigorous Trust wide school improvement programmes to support staff and Governors in raising achievement. We will achieve this by:

  • ensuring effective Governance together with ambitious and determined leadership, securing the best outcomes for our academy communities

  • valuing committed, reflective, positive staff who challenge themselves to be creative and take risks enabling outstanding performance

  • developing leadership capacity within the Trust

  • providing continual professional development and promoting a well resourced, high quality environment

4. Every school in the Trust becomes the school of choice for parents, staff and Governors.

  • each academy is recognised as a centre of learning excellence, disseminating best practice within and across the Trust

  • become the employer of choice

  • successful engagement with parents/ carers and local community to support pupil progress, well-being and achievement

5. To establish a financial foundation to enable the Trust to fulfill it's vision
6. To promote the Trust's core values at all times 

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